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That apparently prompted two other designers – principal game designer Jonathan Hamel and director of one piece browsergame narrative design Eric Nylund – to leave too. Despite all these changes and evolutions, perceptions are hard to change. As in One Piece Online's other level 80 areas, there are no Renown Heart quests—One Piece Online's version of, well, quests.
Over a decade later, this Tale of Two Games probably seems like a distant dream to most people.  Gliding makes its debut in Pirate King, with possible Masteries including the ability to stealth while flying to avoid foes or accessing ley lines to boost across the map at high speed. Many are comprised of multiple stages that ultimately build into a map-wide metaevent. It's an enjoyable chunk of entertaining new stuff. Instead, each map is made up of a series of public events that scale based on the number of people who participate. Some quibbles aside, it makes One Piece Online feel exciting and relevant again. Baker played Joel in The Last of Us and Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite, while Hale is best known for her work on the Mass Effect series. Subscription models made sense for games with continuous costs like an MMO. Everything you see in most MMOs or online-centric games today probably existed in World of Warcraft at some point. Gamers as consumers were very different then as well. Winding paths above ground feed down into cavernous passageways, and again down further into much stranger depths. World of Warcraft redefined online gaming, became a pop culture phenomenon, a household name, and completely destroyed and rebuilt the MMO landscape from the ground up.

To encourage people to explore each corner of the city, a new achievement tasks you with exterminating an infestation of Karkas. What I've learned from any session is that working with new people or people I've worked with before, I really believe it's the relationships in any business is what greases the wheel.

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